Sunday, September 6, 2015

empowr payment proof

Here are some of my empowr payment proofs
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  1. Welcome to empowr and thank you sharing your blog post. On empowr, every new citizen is provided $1,000 in Ad Credits that they can utilize to immediately begin earning and growing their fan base. By growing a large and motivated network, and playing an active role in the economy, our citizens are able to generate profits which they can use in the market place, to purchase advertising that multiplies their earnings, to purchase power user subscriptions that increase their earning potential and economic standing, or to perform a matured 'cash-out' so that they can use their money however they want to in order to better their lives. If you ever have questions, an experienced, personal success coach is available to help you 24 hours a day here:
    Thanks again for your contribution to the empowr community!

  2. After seeing this guys profile it's VERY obvious this is all bullshit! lol

    1. Right On Jonny T I just searched him on Empowr and he shows as just started ;-(

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  5. Not sure if it's true or not, but this is the link to his profile... he has 66,779 fans..

  6. I have working with this Empower programme for more than 90 days, and till at this momment I have never had any chance to do any single cash out or a mature cash out?. But instead payments had been made through Pay Pal from my account thousands of dallars!. Can anyone help me to get my cash out!. Thanks!!!.